About Chai Wali

cast iron teapot
Masala chai brewing over the coal

I have wanted to write a blog for a long time to share my passion for cooking. My friends often complain that my food pictures on social media makes them hungry! I thought the best way for me to share my passion for food is to share my recipes with you all and make cooking easy and fun rather than a chore!

So here is a little bit about me:IMG_4462

I was born and brought up in Yorkshire however my ethnicity is Indian and Pakistani. The one thing that these three places have in common is their love for tea!

I love drinking tea and drink roughly 5-6 cups a day. Since the age of 8, my brothers would ask me to make tea and although I did dread it at times, I’ve (kinda) grown to like it.  I love all kinds of tea, but my all time favourite is masala chai.

The thing I love most about cooking is matching lots of different flavours and seeing a new dish come to life. I love traditional South Aisan food—although I can’t make it as well as my mother. But cooking what you might call “fusion” food is what really excites me. I love taking flavours from old classics and reviving them in a new form.

This blog will mainly focus on South Asian and fusion food, however I might throw in a random non-Asian recipe here or there.

I hope this blog inspires you and gets you into cooking!

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  1. Mohammad says:

    Hope all is well
    I’m interested in a franchise with chaiwali please could you direct who I need to contact etc.

    Many thanks


  2. Mohammad says:

    Hope all is well

    Could you kindly point me in the direct who I need to speak to regarding a franchise.


  3. faisal says:

    I’m interested in franchising please make contact. Thanks


    1. chaiwaliuk says:

      Hi, unfortunately this website isn’t for a business, this is a personal blog.


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