Cheat chicken curry

My student version of chicken curry, with Heinz tomato soup! Yes, you read that right.


Slow cooked lamb shank. Falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. Food for the soul!

Guilt-Free Samosas

Crunchy on the outside, soft and mushy in the middle. These samosas are perfect for an afternoon snack. Oh, and they are healthy and 100% vegan.

Papri Chaat

Papri chaat is a street food classic made from chickpeas. It’s tangy, sweet, spicy and crunchy! What more could you want?


This creamy dessert is a new take on tiramisu. Instead of using coffee, I used chai flavours. It’s super quick and easy to make (took me less than 30 mins to make). I used a basic tiramisu recipe but replaced the coffee with tea and added chai latte powder to the cream mixture. Ingredients 1…